All of the Above

Glen Cummings, MTWTF
Janette Kim, Director, ULL
Kate Orff, Founder and Director, ULL

Research and Design Associates
Yuval Borochov, Jordan Carver, Susan Choe, Aliza Dzik, Lisa Ekle, Robin Fitzgerald-Green, Steven Garcia, Kathryn Hotler, Sayli Korgaonkar, Jenny Noguchi, Jonathan Pettibone, Evan Sharp, Gena Wirth, Soohyun Park

May 2009 podcasts were created in Janette Kim’s seminar on urban ecology at the Barnard and Columbia Colleges Architecture Program by Alex Cook, Emily Glass, Aaron Hsieh, Ryan Johns, Meg Kelly, Sayli Korgaonkar, Lesley Merz, Stephanie Odenheimer, Grace Robinson-Leo, Evelyn Ting, Alexandre Vial, Alison Von Glinow.

Podcast interviews with Steven Handel, Professor of Ecology and Evolution at Rutgers University; John Mattera Planner, NYC Parks; Susan Elbin, Director of Conservation, NYC Audubon Society; Donald Karatzas, author of “Jackson Heights: A Garden in the City”; Katie Mosher-Smith, NY-NJ Baykeeper; Ed Westley Jackson Heights Beautification Group and numerous Queens and Manhattan residents.

The exhibition is organized by MTWTF, the Urban Landscape Lab at Columbia University and Studio-X. It is in-part supported by the Dean’s Office at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation of Columbia University. Fabrication support from the Avery Digital Fabrication Lab at Columbia University. Special thanks to CeX, Complete Entertainment Exchange, Ito En and Izze Sparkling Juice.



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